Release cycle

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2020.10 (Live: 16-09-2020)

  • Added ToC alert integration
  • Added custom styling functionality. With this styling page, clients can further customise the library design in the popup

Older versions

2020.9 (Live: 01-07-2020)

  • Support for single page applications: we have added support for SPOs like so that our extension is now able to identify ISBNs and DOIs on those pages.
  • Added a new setting to the alternatives module: 'Access & Alternatives on OA articles'. With this setting you are able to decide whether or not access and alternatives popups should be displayed, when the user is on an open access location. 

2020.7 (Live: 20-05-2020)

  • integration: we have added to our Open Access Alternatives feature. When checking for open access articles, we now query at both and If we are unable to provide an open access version through, we will use the result from
  • Added wildcard support for assist messages: you can now use wildcards (*) is assist message for better controllability 
  • Performance improvements: the extension now has better performance with limited internet speed 

2020.6 (Live: 28-04-2020)

  • It is now possible to switch the order form On or Off for eBooks that have a doi attached (e.g. for chapter) 
  • It is now possible to re-import assist messages without losing individual statistics to them
  • 'Subdomain only' feature has been reworked to 'Exact match only'
  • We have improved on our Assist messages feature by adding support to URLs including special characters 

2020.5 (Live: 06-04-2020)

  • We have reorganised the dashboard to categorise features better
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements 

2020.4 (Live: 24-03-2020)

  • Open Access enhancement: we are now able to show the version of the OA document (submitted, accepted, published) in the OA alternatives popups. The translations to be displayed can be changed at popup settings / open access alternatives
  • Support for RemoteXs proxy has been added 
  • Various performance enhancements  

2020.3 (Live: 06-02-2020)

  • This update includes a performance enhancement, which will allow our backend servers to continue to scale and provide exceptional performance to your users
  • If you are used to testing changes, by quickly disabling the extension and reenabling it, please allow five minutes between making a change and testing it
  • Your users are not affected and will continue to receive settings updates once an hour.

2020.2 (Live: 28-01-2020)

  • In this update we fixed a number of smaller bugs, created a number of performance enhancements and improved the way we are handling E-Resource Imports, giving us the ability to overcome errors more quickly and elegantly

2020.1 (Live: 08-01-2020)

  • With PubMed about to release their new interface, we want to ensure that your users will be supported equally well, no matter whether they visit the "old" or "new" PubMed
  • A number of smaller enhancements

2019.110 (Live: 18-12-2019)

  • Improvements to the Duo-Affiliation use case, in particular ensuring that a successful flow, doesn't get restarted by the secondary institution
  • Introduction to a first Shibboleth Redirector Service - we are looking for clients willing to test with us!

2019.100 (Live: 02-12-2019)

  • Enhanced Proxy Settings page, to enable simpler configuration for EZProxy environments, helping avoid redirect loops
  • Corrected a problem, which could lead to a HTTP500 error being shown upon saving Popup Settings
  • Improved upon position of the Lean Library popup, ensuring it shows top right and will not be overlapped by other page elements

2019.90 (Live: 13-11-2019)

  • Shibboleth Support for clients with own redirector environment
  • Significant refactor to support Library Alternatives in Safari App Extension
  • Trimming superfluous spaces from data entered in Dashboard
  • Showing info about rolling window of per assist message view/click statistics
  • Implemented new infrastructure & service monitoring tool (something our developers love)

2.21 (Live: 3-10-2019)

  • We have added HAN Proxy support
  • Screen-readers now announce, that the popup will disappear
  • Our extension is now downloadable from the Firefox store

Additionally, we have added numerous enhancements, all of which are designed to enhance your users' experience with Lean Library:

  • eBook Alternative: ensure that when we find two ISBNs for the same book, we still only show one button
  • Improved Duo-Affiliation Support
  • Improved ISBN detection and validation
  • Improvements for scheduled assist messages
  • Improved SFX Response Handling
  • Fix to eBook Statisics

2.20.2 (Live: 21-08-2019)

  • Ability to enable Two-Factor Authentication
  • Improved "Timer" Layout
  • Several accessibility improvements, aimed to help keyboard navigation

2.19.1 (Live: 07-24-2019)

  • Statistics per assist message: with this release, we start recording the performance of each assist message, and make the click and view statistics individually available in the Assist tab. The aggregated statistics remain in the Statistics tab.
  • With our new Highlight & Search feature, your users can simply highlight any text on a web-page, right-click and select from up to 5 search engines, you’ve set up for them.

2.18.2 (Live: 07-04-2019)

  • On-boarding tutorial: when new users install the extension and select their institution, the on-boarding tutorial opens in a new tab providing information about how the extension works.
  • We renamed the "Search Engine Integrations" tab to "General Settings", where you can now set up your time zone, enable / disable the new on-boarding tutorial feature (and set up a custom on-boarding tutorial URL) next to your PubMed & Google Scholar integration.
  • We addressed a problem with Library Assist Statistics, in which only “standard” assist messages were counted, but not “High Priority Assist Messages”. This improvement will only collect these views/clicks going forward.

2.17.1 (Live: 17-05-2019)

  • Link to privacy policy in the extension: when a user selects their institution, they will see a link to our privacy policy just above the save button
  • Select period in the stats menu: you are now able to filter statistics by year. The default view shows data from the last 12 months
  • We added statistics on the assist messages. The assist statistics can be found on the bottom of the statistics page.
  • We combined bar charts for better comparability, where view and click statistics are both available.
  • You can now see the exact values of the charts by hovering over the bar
  • You can now view your statistics in tabular form by clicking the little squares in the right top corner of the bar chart
  • We redesigned our databases in order to greatly improve the statistics page loading time.

2.16 (Live: 02-04-2019)

  • We improved the extension with accessibility features (indication when a link opens in a new tab, possibility to pause automatically disappearing popups, screen reader improvements and many more!)

2.15 (Live: 12-03-2019)

  • Scheduled assist messages: it is no longer required for assist messages to the same domain to be all scheduled. With this release, you could have Message A unscheduled and then schedule Message B and Message B will correctly show at the scheduled time, while Message A would show at all other times.
  • The extension quires a user’s IP Address once every two minutes, if the on-campus check has been enabled. For Google Chrome started using a new Chrome API, which allows us to check for this information only, when the user’s network changes. This has the potential of reducing these API calls significantly to when they are most valuable and we’ll obviously measure success. While we have never logged these calls, we still feel that it is a privacy enhancing measure.

2.13 (Live: 20-02-2019)

  • Scheduled assist messages: you can now schedule assist messages by setting up a start date and an end date. If you add multiple assist messages onto a URL, currently you have to schedule them all. For more information please refer to this article.
  • Your custom redirects can now be seen under "Additional Domain Settings". You can also disable / enable any of the custom redirection rules. Please find more information here.
  • Blacklisted domains: you can blacklist functions like Library Access, Library Assist and Library Alternatives (both articles and eBooks separately) on any domains. Please find more information here

2.12 (Live: 19-12-2018)

  • Auto-scaling system setup: the biggest focus in this release was to move to an auto-scaling server setup, that makes sure that our service is always accessible and performs well too.
  • Custom redirect: we developed a new function, where custom redirections can be set up for specific domains. This function comes with a new popup state too. Please get in touch with us ( if you would like to set it up. 
  • Increased user privacy: we are continuously working on making our product storing the least required data that still enables us to provide meaningful statistics. 

2.11.3 (Live: 15-11-2018)

  • We have added a new direct integration - 360Link. This solution does not require any kbart files anymore, making the alternatives process more seamless. Please get in touch with us if you use 360Link and if our colleagues have not reached out to you yet (
  • eBook support: we now support eBooks. This new function works similarly to the article finder: we scrape the websites for ISBNs (both 10 and 13 digits) for which we then see if we can find in license version in your holdings information.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases, the kbart files were lacking certain entries. Some other bugs were fixed too. 
  • Performance improvements.

 2.10.1 (Live: 26-9-2018)

  • We have added OpenAthens integration v2.0 - which enables institutions to log in with their OpenAthens account from now on. Please note: this integration requires OpenAthens to enable your institution account with Lean Library. Please get in touch with them if you wish to use this new function. 
  • Assist messages can be set up to On- and Off Campus now by only adding the base URL (proxied URL is not necessary anymore)
  • Fixed a bug where the extension got activated on Full Text and Open Access articles
  • Various security improvements

2.9 (Live: 11-9-2018)

  • We made a new, direct integration for the Alternatives module with ExLibris – SUMMON. The new solution does not require a kbart file anymore and makes the configuration much easier too. Please get in touch with us if you use Exlibris – SUMMON and if our colleagues have not reached out to you yet (
  • Institutions can now decide, whether they want their institution to be automatically selected in the extension, after the extension gets installed for the first time by their patrons. Please let us know, if this is something that you would want to start using
  • We have added our article knowledge base to the Support menu. This knowledge base covers most of the configurations of the system and provides explanations to certain functions too. The knowledge base will be extended and updated over time
  • Various bug fixes

2.8 (Live: 26-6-2018)

  • We made a new, direct integration for the Alternatives module with ExLibris – SFX. The new solution does not require a kbart file anymore and makes the configuration much easier too. Please get in touch with us if you use Exlibris – SFX and if our colleagues have not reached out to you yet (
  • Assist messages are now greatly improved. You can add assist messages and specify where they should be displayed: ON campus, OFF campus or ON and OFF campus. Additionally, it is possible to show the same, or different messages ON and OFF campus
  • We have made some improvements on exporting and importing the assist messages. For more details please refer to the following articles:

     Importing assist messages:

     Exporting assist messages:

  • If you use kbart files, it is possible now to import entries with double ISSN
  • We have worked on some routine security improvements

2.7 (Live: 28-5-2018)

  • We've made a direct integration for the Alternatives module with Ex Libris - Alma.
  • It's now possible to enhance Scholar and Pubmed On Campus, Off Campus and both On and Off Campus
  • We've made the On Campus check validate more often, so an end-user who switches location will be updated faster
  • Fixed a bug where the links in the signature were not clickable
  • Fixed a bug where double ISSNs were not uploaded from KBART files

2.6 (Live: 24-5-2018)

  • We've added an extra method to configure the "proxy-domains" for an EZ-proxy server. Instead of importing the config.txt, we can now get the domain from the EZ-proxy status page. This makes the configuration a lot easier. If you are using EZ-proxy, we will contact you in a separate email to set this up.
  • Statistics are out of Beta! The statistics are now reflecting the usage statistics as accurately as possible. 
  • We've restructured the dashboard a bit to make it more user-friendly
  • We've deprecated the "Status Hierarchy" feature because, with the ability to disable the auto-show of pop-ups, it was no longer necessary. Also, we noticed that the customization of the Status Hierarchy did not always give the results clients were expecting. If you still want a custom hierarchy, please contact support (, we can still manually adjust it.
  • We've added a first version of OpenAthens support, you can now choose if you want a domain to be routed through a proxy server or through OpenAthens. 
  • We also fixed some small bugs in the dashboard, let us know if you encounter any that are left.

2.5 (Live: 24-4-2018)

  • You can enable/disable the auto-show of popups
    • For every "state" of the extension you can enable/disable the auto-show of popups. For example if you do want to give users the option for an ILL/DDS popup, but you don't want to auto-show the popup but only let it show when a user clicks on the extension icon. After the release all popup settings will be the same, so if you're happy with it as is, you don't have to do anything.
  • Improvement of the Alternatives feature
    • The FTF can now work with multiple ISSNs, it will check on embargo, publication dates and coverage
    • Improved scraping of DOI's across all sites
    • Improved scraping of sites that do not like us scraping DOI's (WebofScience, Sagepub and a few minor ones)
    • Fixed OA loop on Sciencedirect
    • Added a quick test button for  the FTF & ILL/DDS url in the Dashboard
    • Fixed a bug where FTF was showing on proxied urls when proxied url contained - instead of dots.
    • Passing along a lot more variables to the FTF-url (including title, author, etc.)
  • Improved UX of the pop up settings in the Dashboard
  • Added an option to add the holding= variable to Pubmed
  • We made the dashboard responsive for mobile views.

2.4 (Live: 20-3-2018)

  • Improved UX of Alternative settings page in Dashboard
  • Last Safari fixes
  • Fixed Pubmed bug on campus
  • Fixed Pubmed bug when Pubmed was also a Proxy Domain
  • Fixed Pubmed bug where otool= was not added when coming directly from Google Scholar

2.3 (Live: 6-3-2018)

  • Fixed "Open Access" loop, where the Open Access pop up appeared after clicking on the Open Access pop up. This fix is for 85% of the use-cases, we're working on the last 15%, but it seems that some publishers are intentionally making this hard.
  • Upgraded the "Open Access" pop up to now link directly to pdf's when those are available.
  • Fixed Google Scholar loop with 2 institutes selected
  • More direct feedback when configuring the automated import of config and kbart files
  • Added an overview to browse through the imported holding information
  • Custom variables for the FTF-popup, in the same way you can customize the variables for the ILL-popup.
  • Made the ip-based On Campus check initiate directly after selecting an Institute after the first install
  • More fixes for Safari Beta

2.2 (live 19-2-2018)

  • Improved refresh of caching: when the configuration of a library is changed, the API will refresh itself so the change will impact the extension immediately.
  • Bugfix for Google Scholar: the institute ID is now only added to the URL's starting with https://scholar.googl.*/scholar this fixes the issue with the back button of the browser on the advanced settings page. Another effect of this change is that the GS pop up will not appear on the homepage of GS, but only on the first search of a user.
  • Improved stats: Active users and proxy sessions will now reflect the actual amount
  • The signature link is now clickable in a new and empty tab
  • Bugfix of buttons appearing on a URL with both a proxy access and assist pop up.
  • Safari is added to Beta:

2.1 (live 6-2-2017)

  • New release process through staging
  • Firefox is updated to the new Firefox Quantum